Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Food Front CO-OP

Food Front is tucked away on the edge of the NW 23rd St. area. Its very easy to miss since its more of a local organic grocery store. As a CO-OP grocery store they only carry local and organic produce. That means you have to miss the Chantrelle mushrooms during winter, and you get an abundance of local persimmon during the fall. What makes Food Front special is their awesome deli and ready made food section. They usually have two different soups (one vegetarian/vegan) everyday. There is plenty of vegan and wheat free ready made food. One of my favourite is the Mock Chicken Salad. Its wheat pasta noodle mixed in with satay tofu and few other ingredients like vegannaise and cumin. They change their food item all the time, and you can see them making them in the back. So the whole place smells like a cozy kitchen. One of my favourite is the Curried Kale with Almond. But this time they had Rapini (in season!), kinda of like a small version of Broccoli. Steamed Rapini marinated with ginger, sugar, salt, lemon, and all other sorts of good spices. Delicious and refreshing! I usually grab a bottle of Kombucha or coconut water to go with the food. If its your first visit to food front I would take time and look around and try different local goods from PAPA G's tofu to Love Potion herbal drinks. The only downside I have with the place is the high price. So be really careful when you do your grocery shopping here.

Mock Chicken Salad

Lemon Ginger Rapini

grocery, Daily 8am-9pm
2375 NW Thurman St. Portland, OR.

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