Wednesday, April 30, 2008

?Por Que No? (Mexican)

What can I say? This is probably the best mexican restaurant in all Portland. You know why? They don't serve cheese on tacos or enchilada or the tamale. You know why? Because that's the true Mexican cooking. If you've ever been to Mexico, they don't eat cheese... hardly. The only few things that have cheese in them is the Quesadilla... and I'm not even sure if that's Mexican. Anyways, there are so many great vegan options in this place. Definitely get the Taco Verduras, delicious roasted vegetables with beans, rice, salsa, and cilantro with a hint of lemon juice. I love their Bryan's Bowl, a vegan bowl consist of beans, rice, goat cheese, scoop of guacamole, plenty of vegetables and cilantro with spicy salsa sauce. All served with a side of chips or tortilla bread. My boyfriend got the Two Vegetarian Tamale, which is roasted with banana leaves. It also comes with a side of bean and salsa. I don't know why I love their Quesadilla with Jack cheese but I just do, but no vegan option for this dish. They also have a pretty wide selections of house sauce and salsa in the back for self serve.

House Pickled Carrot

Two Tamales

Cheese Quesdilla

Bryan's Bowl

vegan friendly, Mexican, daily 11am - 9:30pm, weekend brunch starts 9am.
3524 N. Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR.

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