Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daily Cafe

To the right of the PNCA and left to the new extension of the Pearl there you will find the very popular Daily Cafe. The cafe has high ceiling, wide space, plenty of tables but always full. I hate to complain about people who lives in the Pearl or loves the Pearl, but everytime I go there the people aren't very nice. The service and the waitresses are superb! But the people who eats there are really pretentious. Twice, my friend and I got there during the lunch rush hour. We couldn't find a table for ourselves so we asked another couple if we can share a four people table, they act very reluctant and upset. As if we put them on the spot and they have no choice but to share a table with us. My friends and I dress very cute and nice, it's not like we dress like hobos. Pisses me off. Back to food... the Daily Cafe offers few vegan and vegetarian options. Usually the soup has a vegan or vegetarian option. This time I got the vegan curry lentil soup, which is alright, nothing special. Just green lentil curry with some chickpeas. The half sandwich with roasted vegetable has cheese, so its not vegan. But they are very friendly in accommodating for the vegans (an art school is next door, plenty of vegan art students). The sandwich is alright, I wouldn't say fantastically delicious. So the half sandwich and soup is the toujour special, $6.95 Soup is usually $3.75 and the salad is usually $5 to $7. Parking can be an ass so taking the street car wouldn't hurt (which is... on the same corner block).
Vegan Curry Lentil Soup

Hummus Roasted Vegetable Cheese Sandwich

American, bakery, restaurant. Weekly 7am-5pm, Weekend 9am-2pm
902 NW 13th Ave and Kearney St


lore said...

the soup looks good, too bad the sandwich is not vegan and its made wit white brea instead of whole wheat :(

Why Edward Juan? said...

i know, it was okay. Like I can make it at home. I should've ask for wheat bread. It was ciabatta.