Tuesday, April 15, 2008

India Chaat House (food cart)

What can I say about an all vegan and vegetarian Indian food stand? I love it! India Chaat House is quite popular amongst the Portlanders. The portion is big and cheap. The lunch special is $5.50, it comes with two Naans, balsamti rice, lentil curry, and chickapea curry. Deliciously cheap and almost for two. They also have tons of curry to choose from. Though I haven't try them yet. All range from $5 to $7. The appetizer, Pakora, deep fried potato and onion balls. It tastes so good with the sweet sauce. I also love their vegan mango lassi, which is traditionally a yogurt drink. For a colder day you might want to get the hot sweet chai latte (soymilk for the vegans). The drinks range from $2.00 to $2.50 The food cart has a canopy for the raining day, along with two small picnic tables for the really hungry customers.

Lunch Special

food stand, weekly 11am-3pm
Downtown at SW 12th and Morrison, Portland, OR.

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