Monday, March 31, 2008

Bonobos in New York City, New York.

I know its weird to start the blog with a new york city vegan restaurant review, but I don't have any photo of my recent dining at a portland vegan joint.
Tapa, sushi (assorted du jour)

White & Black Sesame Ball, Coconut Chai Water

One place you can guaranteed to get cheap raw food in Manhattan is Bonobos. Its a cafeteria styled restaurant with refrigerator filled with home made raw juices from Thai Coconut Water to Warm Coconut Chai. Each drink costs about $2 to $3.50, small plastic recyclable bottles. You can see all the food that is behind the glass, like a salad bar except with people catering you the portion. My friend and I decided to try the raw sushi entree (tapa of the day) with the salad and citrus vinaigrette, $8. The sushi was not too blend and pretty savory. Instead of rice they used sprouted cous cous curried up with some raw vegetables that I couldn't see specifically. There might have been avocado and watercress leaves. Definitely not filling even for one, but we changed our mind when we got the dessert. We got a black and white sesame ball, $2 each. The sesame ball is so thick and soft and flavorful that we instantly filled up our stomach. It was delicious! The Coconut Chai is also ridiculously amazing, but a bit too sweet. So I had to grab a cup of water and mix it up to keep the sweetness down. It was so thick that I felt like I was drinking a jar of maple syrup.

100% raw, Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.
18 E. 23rd Street, NYC, NY.

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Shek. L. said...

When you said sprouted cous cous, Im assuming you mean to say quinoa? cous cous is pasta...made from wheat/semolina just like theres definitely no sprouting of it! Ive heard of the restaurant but never been there. Next time Im in NYC Ill go!