Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vita Cafe

Vita Cafe is one of the basic vegan only restaurants in the northeast Alberta district in Portland. Vita Cafe feels like a hippie run diner that serves your basic needs from vegan fried chicken to vegan mushroom strognoff. Though, nothing spectacular. The fried chicken is actually tempeh with golden crust that tasted alright. Its kinda missing the savory spicy kick. The mushroom strognoff is quite tasty, but still lack the herb or the spices. The fries are good, crispy! The vegan caesar salad tastes just like a real caesar salad. The dessert are also available from vegan fruit pies to vegan white cakes and chocolate mousse cake. I think they only bake the pies there. The cakes are from sweet pea and other local vegan pastry shops. All with a fair price from $4.50 to $5.50 I also have a problem with Vita... some of the waiters smell. Like they haven't taken a shower for two days. But this only happened once out of three trips. They also close early (10pm) for a diner based restaurant.

Vegan Fried Chicken

Vegan Caesar Salad

vegan friendly, brunch/breakfast, 9am-10pm
3024 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211

Juniors Cafe

Juniors Cafe probably has one of the best potato hash in town. The vegan potato hash is probably the best in the world for a vegan hash. Delicious! Crazy delicious. The spicy tofu sauce is just what you want on a weekend morning after a late night party. Along on top with mushroom, scallion, tomatoes, and delicious vegetables. Of course, I love egg so I asked eggs to go on top along with a side of toast (only $2 extra, wow!) The vegan hash dish is $7.99 A giant dish! I barely finished it. Also, try their vegan french toast, it is better than a real french toast.

Vegan Potato Hash

vegan friendly, brunch/breakfast, 8am-2pm
1742 SE 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97214

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Farm Cafe

I'll have to say, after a day hanging out at Mount Hood, this is a great place to dine to end the day. The Farm Cafe is located in a small house on the East Burnside. A tucked away romantic restaurant serves organic meat dishes and fantastic vegetarian and vegan dishes. A perfect place for a parent visit or a special date. Though the wait at The Farm is about 1 hour, but I think its totally worth it. Get the mushroom appetizer and the roasted garlic with bread, both delicious basic vegan dishes. The entrees are even better. The salads are mostly vegetarian and can be made vegan. There is always a vegan or vegetarian soup. The main dishes are where the action is. The vegetarian risotto is so good. Baked with vegetables from tomatoes to two types of cheese. The tofu marsala is fantastic, the only constant vegan dish. Soft fried tofu with marsala sauce and roasted mushrooms with herbs. The menu changes all the time, so keep an eye out for that dish of the week.

Vegetarian Risotto (special)

Goat Cheese Salad with caper dressing

Vegan friendly, European, American, 5pm-11pm
10 SE 7th Ave. Portland, Oregon


The previous owner of Daily Grind organic grocery recently closed down his large vegan friendly market. Now he's moved to the SE Division area and opened up a small deli called PAPA G's. PAPA G's is setup like Veganopolis. Cafeteria styled salad bar with food by the pound or portion package. Everything is vegan! I would say the best thing of PAPA G's is the mushroom strongnoff and the mushroom gravy on spelt biscuit. They change the hot food all the time. Everything goes by pound unless you order the small and large meal. Small meal go with $5.99 for an entree with a side. Large meal go for $7.99 for two entree with a side. So get your BBQ tofu or curried kale and a side of rice or ginger gravy with biscuit. YUM!

Curried vegetables with mushroom strongnoff and mushroom gravy on spelt biscuit

Vegan deli, salad bar, 11am-11pm
2314 SE Division in Portland, Oregon