Monday, April 28, 2008

Thai Herbs

Thai Herbs is cheap and good. There are so many thai food stands in Portland that this one hardly stands out. I discovered it by accident since I wanted Thai curry and this was the only cart that didn't have a line. I got the daily special, Mango Red Curry with tofu and vegetables on rice. $5, and you get a drink for free! What a deal! The curry is pretty good too. The mango chunks gives a sweet flavor to the curry. Something I've never had before.
The surprising part about Thai Herbs is that the chef in the back cooks the curry on order. I literally watched him cook my curry, though it did take a bit longer. Thank goodness there is no line! They also have a limited selection of thai dishes, since they do cook on order.
Mango Red Curry with Tofu

vegan friendly, food stand, weekly 11am - 2pm
SW 9th and Alder Parking Lot, Portland, OR.

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