Monday, May 5, 2008

Gorilla Raw (Vancouver, BC)

Good morning Vancouver! Gorilla Raw is probably the only raw place in Vancouver. Its pretty cheap too, not expensive. It is located in a window to go stall right in downtown, surrounded by many coffee cafes. Gorilla Raw serves raw drinks, smoothies, food, cookies, and cakes. The Raw Burger is really tasty. According to my boyfriend it taste a lot like foie gras. I just thought it tasted really good. It had a lot of pickled squash slices, onion, tomatoes, and the patty is made of sprouted grain and some other spices that I don't know. There is no dough bread but cabbage. The Raw Falafel is made of sprouted grains and raw nuts. The cashew cream and the cilantro cream adds some texture to the whole thing. The salsa on top is another nice touch to the texture and flavor. This is probably the best vegan eat in Vancouver. Sadly, most of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver is either a Chinese take out or an Indian restaurant. There aren't many non-asian or creative vegan cuisine, compare to Portland or New York City. But Gorilla Raw is a gem in Vancity.

Raw Burger

Raw Falafel

vegan 100%, sandwich, daily noon - 6pm.
101-422 Richards Street. Vancouver, BC. Canada

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