Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Belgium Fries (Vancouver, BC)

Poutines! A French Canadian tradition. Veggie gravy with cheese curd on top of fries. If you are vegan, you can get the vegan hot dog or the burger or fries... sadly they don't have vegan cheese curd... which I'm not even sure if such thing exists. If so that would be awesome! Though this is the best place to get poutine of Vancouver. There is no poutine in Portland, Seattle, or even LA. It is after all Canadian!

vegan friendly, fast food, daily 11am - 8pm.
1885 Commercial Drive. Vancouver, BC. Canada


VeganFabulous said...


lorelay bove said...

yeah I'm not into fries really, even vegan ones.

HEy Ed are you going to put my pancake recepie?
I got to post too, I'll try to do it tonight

Why Edward Juan? said...

Yeah, I'll post it up!

ktsmurf said...

I'm happy to say that there IS vegan poutine in Portland. The Potato Champion food cart at 12th and Hawthorne has poutine, which you can also get vegetarian or vegan versions of.

I've had the vegan version twice now, and it's crazy good. I took my omni boyfriend, and he thought the regular version was better than the poutine he ate in Toronto.

You should check it out.