Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Foundation Lounge (Vancouver, BC)

FUN! Foundation Lounge FUN! Remember Swingers in LA? Bye and Bye in Portland? Or even... the lower east side in NYC? Yes! Vegan friendly bars! I love it! I love alcohol and I love it when vegan and vegetarian eats are available. This is great! So my boyfriend and I got the nachos (not vegan!), huge, only $8 with guacamole. The peanut sauce with tofu on pasta is vegan, and that's $6.50 Without a doubt there are tons of more pastas and sandwiches that were vegan. But I hear the peanut sauce is the best. This is a perfect place to eat cheap, socialize, hang out after a good concert. The only problem I have is the atmosphere. It is a bit too grungy. There is hardly any lighting, just candle lights... and it feels like a refuge camp. But yeah, the food is good and cheap. AND vegan friendly!
Nacho Chips

Tofu Peanut Sauce Pasta

vegan friendly, Mexican, deli, bar, daily 4pm - 2am
1105 Commercial Drive. Vancouver, BC. Canada

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Earthdave said...

Grungy? Cheaply put together, yeah. Second hand old arborite tables so it looks very basic. But grungy give the impression of dirty, and I wouldn't say it's dirty! And I never had a problem with lighting. Maybe it's different at 2am...