Monday, August 4, 2008


The previous owner of Daily Grind organic grocery recently closed down his large vegan friendly market. Now he's moved to the SE Division area and opened up a small deli called PAPA G's. PAPA G's is setup like Veganopolis. Cafeteria styled salad bar with food by the pound or portion package. Everything is vegan! I would say the best thing of PAPA G's is the mushroom strongnoff and the mushroom gravy on spelt biscuit. They change the hot food all the time. Everything goes by pound unless you order the small and large meal. Small meal go with $5.99 for an entree with a side. Large meal go for $7.99 for two entree with a side. So get your BBQ tofu or curried kale and a side of rice or ginger gravy with biscuit. YUM!

Curried vegetables with mushroom strongnoff and mushroom gravy on spelt biscuit

Vegan deli, salad bar, 11am-11pm
2314 SE Division in Portland, Oregon


VeganFabulous said...

That seems a lot cheaper then when I was there last. They also have a lot more selection. I had written Papa G's off but may give it another chance now...

Why Edward Juan? said...

yeah when they first opened there were a lot of disorganization. Like the portion was really inconsistent. The food is good though.