Monday, August 4, 2008

The Farm Cafe

I'll have to say, after a day hanging out at Mount Hood, this is a great place to dine to end the day. The Farm Cafe is located in a small house on the East Burnside. A tucked away romantic restaurant serves organic meat dishes and fantastic vegetarian and vegan dishes. A perfect place for a parent visit or a special date. Though the wait at The Farm is about 1 hour, but I think its totally worth it. Get the mushroom appetizer and the roasted garlic with bread, both delicious basic vegan dishes. The entrees are even better. The salads are mostly vegetarian and can be made vegan. There is always a vegan or vegetarian soup. The main dishes are where the action is. The vegetarian risotto is so good. Baked with vegetables from tomatoes to two types of cheese. The tofu marsala is fantastic, the only constant vegan dish. Soft fried tofu with marsala sauce and roasted mushrooms with herbs. The menu changes all the time, so keep an eye out for that dish of the week.

Vegetarian Risotto (special)

Goat Cheese Salad with caper dressing

Vegan friendly, European, American, 5pm-11pm
10 SE 7th Ave. Portland, Oregon

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aredcardigan said...

This must be the place to go. I've seen it on most stumptown vegan blogs.

I think you had me at 'mushroom appetizer'.