Monday, July 14, 2008

Frozen Truck

This place is really new. Its also really awesome 'cause its so easy to access. Its located on that huge intersection off Hawthorne Bridge, where you see a lot of cars and bikes fight for the road. A lot of hipster teens and young adults hang out after a good concert. The truck is located in the parking lot next to Tiny's Coffee. Most of the stuff in the menu is vegan. The frozen bananas (coconut or peanut) is vegan, each about $1.50. Milkshakes are vegan and non-vegan. Depends on the ice cream you want to have. Vegan is about $4.50, non vegan is about $3.75 The vegan sundae is $3.75 WOW! Pretty cheap for dessert food stand. I love how Portland is filled with great food carts. And look at its opening times. Eek! Perfect timing when you are done clubbing or concert going or just biking on a hot night. I know I am digging it!
PS: Did I mention most of the fruits are fresh and not caned!

Frozen Banana & Blackberry Milkshake

mostly vegan, dessert, ice cream, Monday Closed, Weekday 5pm-12am, Weekend 2pm-3am
SE 11th Ave & SE Hawthorne Portland, OR, 97214


VeganFabulous said...

I noticed the huge number of food carts near that intersection the other day when we were heading home from Sip. The dessert truck looks awesome!

Jovanna Rebecca Tosello said...

oh my god, that looks so good!