Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Choza's Peruvian Food

Okay everyone. I don't understand how the Lonely Planet would rate this place one of the best eatery in Portland. Yakes! Choza's Peruvian Food Cart isn't bad but it isn't that great. The food cart is run by two friendly Peruvian couple. The food is freshly stir fried with fresh vegetables. The sauce that you get to pour on the dish is not bad either. There are two vegetarian/vegan options, rice or noodle dish. I recommend the rice dish. The noodle dish tasted like spaghetti with chinese fried rice toppings. There are only total of 7 dishes to choose from. All ranging from $5.50 to $6. Pretty cheap lunch eat! But I do remember Peruvian food being more than just chow mein alike dishes.

Vegetarian Noodle

vegan friendly, Peruvian, weekly 11-3pm
SW 9th and Alder Parking Lot, Portland, OR.


VeganFabulous said...

Have you been to the Peruvian food cart on Mississippi? I wonder if it has a better selection?

KZ said...

I will be in the pacific nw soon and have some new additions to my vegan hit list thanks to your blog! Can i make a suggestion? creating labels of your grades would be great so one can search all A's all B's, etc...

Why Edward Juan? said...

good idea. I'll have to do that.