Thursday, October 16, 2008

S'Nice (NYC)

This is one of my new favourite places to eat lunch in New York City. It is probably the big portion of the food and the cute environment. Who could complain? Maybe the small bathroom. The sesame chicken wrap is so delicious, large, cut in half, side salad, delicious! Really really good sesame sauce. I love it. The buffalo chicken wrap is alright, a bit too spicy, and would've better in a sandwich instead of wrap. The smoked tempeh wrap is clean, fresh, and deliciously stuffed with tomato and sprouts with spicy vegannaise. $8.75 each! CASH ONLY THOUGH. The mango and cider shake is good, what a great idea? apple cider with mango! Yum! And the vegan raspberry bunt cake is really good too. The $4 side of smoked garlic broccoli, really really amazing. I love vegetables! They steamed and baked it to perfection. Soft and crunchy. Their mate latte is probably the best I've ever had, and you get to use as much as agave nectar you want. Sugar high? without the fat.
The place is setup like a cafe with a lot of wooden crates, tables, brown stone, and a small patio in the back. A lot of cute indie vegan boys work there too, reminds me of portland.
REMEMBER, cash only. ENJOY!

Mango Cider Smoothie & Garlic Roasted Broccoli

Sesame Chicken Wrap

Spicy Avocado Tempeh Wrap

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Mate Latte

vegan, sandwich, salad, lunch, cafe. Daily 8am-10pm
45 8th Ave New York, NY 10014


aredcardigan said...
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aredcardigan said...

I LOVE this place.

The vegan panini is to die for.

I see you got the broccoli side...well done.

They have this off the charts brussels sprouts dish too.

And the cupcakes....

Okay need to stop typing.

*oops error on the 1st one. sorry.

lorelay bove said...

I want a matte lATTE right now!